“Defending Diversity: A Timeline of Affirmative Action and Race-Conscious Admissions”

Goal 3 & Goal 4

What is it?

In September of 2018, the Task Force on Asian and Pacific American Studies and the committee on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights held an afternoon event in the center of the Tercentenary Theatre where students performed slam poetry, discussed legal history, and danced, all to show support for race-based admissions policies at Harvard. The event was titled, “Defending Diversity: A Timeline of Affirmative Action and Race-Conscious Admissions.”

What goal(s) does it connect to?  

Goal 4: Inclusive Values, Symbols, and Spaces

  • Goal 4.1: Community

Goal 3: Union of Academic Freedom and a Culture of Mutual Respect and Concern

  • Goal 3.3: Time and space for difficult conversations

Why is it important?

Anyone passing through the Tercentenary Theatre could participate or listen in on the activities prepared by the organizers, where the goal of the students was to educate participants on the history of affirmative action and explain why race considerations during the admissions process is important.

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