2018-2019 FAS Diversity Dialogues for Staff and Faculty

Goal 3

What is it?

FAS Diversity Dialogues 2018-2019, a series of forums for FAS staff and faculty to “build awareness around a range of issues related to diversity and inclusion.” This year the talks were: “Achieving Greater Workplace Equity for LGBTQ Employees”, “From Diversity to Inclusion: 10 Years of Dialogue”, “Silence is a Statement: Understanding Race in the Workplace”, and “The Importance of Inclusive Spaces and Symbolism in the Workplace”.

What goal(s) does it connect to?  

Goal 3: Union of Academic Freedom and a Culture of Mutual Respect and Concern

  • Goal 3.2: Skills for Difficult Conversations
  • Goal 3.3: Time and space for Difficult Conversations

Why is it important?

This gives faculty and staff the time and space to understand topics that may be difficult to discuss in the workplace but are necessary to address. It provides a series of topics or issues that are referenced too often but provides the specificity from experts that workers need in the workplace.

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