Harvard Divinity School

HDS students come from across the United States and from around the world, from large state universities and small denominational colleges, from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


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HDS is committed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) as an expression of our shared community values, and attends to the needs of our vibrant, pluralistic community of faculty, students, staff, and alumni. We carry out these values through our authentic embrace of diverse religious and non-religious traditions, and other dimensions of diversity.

Associate Dean of Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging, Melissa Bartholomew, is a leader in this community-wide effort. Dean Bartholomew collaborates with the Racial Justice & Healing Committee and the Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (both comprised of faculty, students, and staff) to build an anti-racist and anti-oppressive Harvard Divinity School. Our intentional focus on the multiple and intersectional dimensions of DIB will help to ensure that HDS is an institution where all members of its community can flourish and feel a deep sense of belonging.

“We cannot flourish in our humanity unless we acknowledge the full humanity of others. This is the way of being that we embody here [at HDS], and one that we must carry out into the world, in whatever place we inhabit, and in whatever work we do.”



Melissa Wood Bartholomew

Associate Dean of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

"Belonging is deeply ethical, transformatively human, connected to social justice, rooted in a universal longing, and is something which every one of us must take responsibility for. Belonging is a beautiful word. It is worth striving for. It should be who we are."


David N. Hempton

Dean of Harvard Divinity School