Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

“To do really creative science and engineering research that has a positive impact on all populations requires that we have people who come from different backgrounds and life experiences."

Kathryn A. Hollar

Director of Community Engagement & Diversity Outreach 


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The SEAS Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging provides strategic leadership, partnership, and programs to advance SEAS DIB goals and support students, staff, faculty, and researchers from marginalized backgrounds. We oversee the development, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of the SEAS Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Strategic Plan.

"It will take more than a diversity officer to move our community forward. This work requires every member of our community to actively contribute to creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment. There will be uncomfortable moments but it is in those moments where the important work happens."


Alexis Stokes

Assistant Dean for DIB at SEAS


"Discussions of race are more elevated in the public discourse than they have been in generations. It is a reminder that the time to address systemic racism and to prioritize anti-racist strategies is now. As a white person, especially one who holds a leadership role, I am committing myself to not only saying racism is wrong, but also engaging in anti-racist reflection and action."


Francis J. Doyle III

Dean of SEAS