Addressing Bias in Medical Education through Inclusive Anatomical Representation

Project Description

A pioneering pilot project to replace the predominant anatomical representation of the human body as young, lean, white, and male by collecting and generating anatomical images of all human forms, including those who  have been systematically excluded from medical discourse. The pilot will develop into an open-source,  multimodal platform that fosters an accessible and collaborative model of medical education.

Project Team

Martha Ellen Katz, MD HMS, Faculty Lead | Dana A Stearns, MD: Director of Anatomy Education, Pathways Curriculum, HMS; Asst. Prof. of Emergency Medicine, MGH | Hanna Amanuel: HMS; Coordinator, Racial Justice Coalition; Political Action Chair, Student National Medical Association | Rory Brinkmann: HMS, Medical Humanities Student Group | Sabine Hildebrandt, MD: Faculty, Foundations of Anatomy HMS; Assoc. Prof. of Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital; Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine, HMS | Youjin Jenny Jang: HMS, Bioethics Student Group, Geriatrics and Palliative Care Group |Victor A. Lopez-Carmen: HMS, Co- President, Native American Health Organization | Hillary Brenda Nguyen: HMS, Financial Chair, LAHMS (LGBTQ student group) | LaShyra Nolen: HMS, President, Student Council