Harvard College

Harvard College is committed to diversity in all forms and is rooted in the fundamental belief that engaging with unfamiliar ideas, perspectives, cultures, and people creates the conditions for dramatic and meaningful growth.


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Harvard fosters a living and learning environment where you can celebrate your individuality—and where you can explore the shared ideas and experiences that connect us all. You'll soon find that our differences don't divide us. Instead, our community is strengthened by the diverse perspectives, interests, and identities of its members. Our students represent all fifty states and more than 100 countries. When they come to Harvard, they bring their talent, curiosity, and intelligence. They also bring their perspective on the world—an understanding that is deeply tied to their culture, background, and experiences. The result is a diverse, open-minded community where dialogue and debate are not only encouraged—they're inevitable.

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Alta Mauro photo"I will work with a community of experts to embed the principles of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the co-curricular and residential experience of all Harvard College students. I guide strategy and craft vision with an understanding of today’s student and what the future may require of them."



Alta Mauro,

Associate Dean for Inclusion & Belonging

"Our diversity is our strength. To me, diversity of intellectual thought, which is deeply enriched by people who bring different cultural perspectives and lived experiences, is what is most valued here at Harvard College."

Rakesh Khurana,

Dean of Harvard College