Goal 3

What is it?

#consciousHarvard is an initiative launched in the fall of 2018 to increase awareness of inclusion and exclusion on the Harvard campus. The initiative is supported by the President’s Administrative Innovation Fund (PAIF) and is an interactive sounding board which travels to different Harvard events; students, staff, and faculty are invited to answer prompts like “I feel excluded when…”; “I can make Harvard more inclusive by…” with anonymous responses.

What goal(s) does it connect to?  

Goal 3: Union of Academic Freedom and a Culture of Mutual Respect and Concern

  • Goal 3.3: Time and space for Difficult Conversations

Why is it important?

This initiative allows different Harvard actors to interact anonymously with difficult topics and stretches as a university-wide initiative affecting all members of the Harvard community. It is a starting point for leaders, staff, faculty, and students to confront their own actions without being “called-out” directly, and for those who feel excluded to voice their opinions freely. Moreover, it is a pertinent example of a successful innovation tool for how students, staff, and faculty can make Harvard more inclusive.

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