Gordon Parks Exhibition at Hutchins Center

Goal 3 and Goal 4

What is it?

“Gordon Parks: Selections From the Dean Collection” art exhibition at the Hutchins Center Cooper Gallery in Harvard Square. The exhibition features work from Gordon Parks, one of the most important African-American photographers of the 20th century, who photographed historical moments from rural poor black families living under Jim Crow, to prominent culture and political figures. The gallery was on view from April 26th, 2019, through July 19th, 2019. 

What goal(s) does it connect to?  

Goal 3: Union of Academic Freedom and a Culture of Mutual Respect and Concern

  • Goal 3.1: Trust-Building
  • Goal 3.3: Time and space for Difficult Conversations

Goal 4: Inclusive Values, Symbols, and Spaces

  • Goal 4.1: Community

Why is it important?

This collection is an example of how inclusion and belonging stretches beyond the limits of academic boundaries by highlighting the importance of celebrating Black and African-American artists, who tell stories that are often neglected in mainstream white media and culture. The gallery is both a celebration of an incredibly successful artist, and a space for visitors to recognize and acknowledge the history of both prominent black and African-American figures but also of everyday citizens who suffered and continue to suffer under oppressive and racist politics and policies.

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