Harm to Harmony: Community-based Harm Prevention, Intervention, & Response

Restorative Justice (RJ) has captured the attention of our nation and campus as a philosophy and set of practices for engaging in community strengthening and repair after harm. This pilot proposal, Harm to Harmony (H2H), uses a scaffolded approach to prime Harvard communities for RJ practices: provide information sessions, mobilize a RJ collaborative, coordinate training, and support the creation of community-based norms and practices of accountability to prevent, intervene, and respond to harm.

Project Team: Heidi Wickersham, Harvard College Women’s Center Director, project co-lead Bonnie Talbert, Associate Director of Studies for First Years and Sophomores, Lecturer on Social Studies, project co-lead Micahela Mobley, Assistant Director for the Harvard College Women’s Center, Project Coordination and Support Kirin Gupta, Graduate Coordinator for the Harvard College Women’s Center, Winthrop House Tutor, Project Coordination and Support Kate Colleran, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Leadership, DSO, Project Coordination and Support, Bridget Duffy, EDI, financial coordinator