Harvard’s New Digital Accessibility Policy

documentGoal 1 & Goal 2

What is it?

Harvard’s Digital Accessibility Policy is a policy which will increase the accessibility of Harvard’s public websites and web-based applications, in addition to digital content the University creates and posts on its sites. With this new policy comes a new team, Digital Accessibility Services (DAS), a team within HUIT which will be able to provide training, expertise, and information to Harvard staff and faculty.

What goal(s) does it connect to?

Goal 1: Recruitment, Retention, and Development Practices for Excellence

  • Goal 1.1: Inclusive Excellence

Goal 2: Academic, Professional, and Social Integration

  • Goal 2.2: Responsive Curricula

Why is it important?

The policy ensures that all Harvard staff, faculty, and students can access all digital resources and puts in place the administrative infrastructure and policy to ensure widespread adoption and sustainability.

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