Harvard University Peer Coaching Initiative

The Harvard University Peer Coaching Initiative helps busy (and sometimes stressed) graduate and undergraduate students listen to each other—providing a space for "calm reflection and honest reckoning"—through a proven, learn-by-doing peer coaching protocol that clarifies the roles and goals of coach and coachee. A dynamic matching process allows participants to specify who they feel safe and comfortable opening up to, and encourages them to connect authentically to a wider range of members.

Project Team: Marc Roudebush, HGSE, Lisa Lahey, Professor, HGSE, Senior Advisor. David Van Vactor, Director, Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program HMS, Implementation Partner. Mary Beaulieu, Assistant Dean and Director, Office of Career Advancement, HKS, Implementation Partner. Bradley Coleman, Director of the Curriculum Fellows Program, HMS, Implementation Partner. Allison Pingree, Teaching and Learning Lab/HGSE, Program Development Partner. Fawn Phelps, HCSPH, Program Development Partner. Jane Finn-Foley, Assistant Director of Student Services, HKS, Implementation Partner. Sharon Washington, HGSE & HCSPH, Trainer. William Hodgetts, HGSE, Trainer.