Mental Health

2021 Aug 19

The Anatomy of Grief by Dr. Dorothy P. Holinger

7:00pm to 8:00pm

Over the past year, the US has experienced rates of death not seen in over a century, comparable to a daily 9/11. The rolls of the dead include many under 50, whose loved ones counted on decades together. In THE ANATOMY OF GRIEF (Yale University Press), psychologist Dorothy P. Holinger, PhD, describes grief’s impact on the bereaved. She covers the very real physical changes that happen to the brain and the body and discusses tools that help in beginning to process and heal after a deep personal loss. She uses examples from literature, music, poetry, memoir, personal experience, and...

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2021 Jan 12

Community Spaces - All Harvard

3:00pm to 4:00pm



This event is for all members of the Harvard community, including students, staff, faculty, postdocs, research fellows, and academic personnel. The space will provide support for community members who are experiencing heightened anxiety in response to the current moment (Covid, racial injustice, political tensions, etc.). For more information about the community spaces series, please visit:


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