Undergraduate Founds “Currier Project”, Educates Peers on House’s History

chartGoal 4

What is it?

Undergraduate Xue “Snow” Dong ’19, founded the Currier project, which was an initiative to educate fellow students about Currier House’s history. Dong worked with other members of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Team to organize a new photo wall was on display at Currier to highlight portraits of the famous women the buildings in the house are named after.

What goal(s) does it connect to?  

Goal 4: Inclusive Values, Symbols, and Spaces

  • Goal 4.1: Community
  • Goal 4.2: Present and Past in Proportion

Why is it important?

Dong’s work highlights the importance of showcasing the representation of women as prominent leaders at Harvard, as well as honoring their contributions to the overall institution.

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