Warrior-Scholar Project Returns to Harvard

Goal 2 & Goal 4

What is it?

“Harvard Welcomes Back Warrior-Scholar Project”: WSP is a national nonprofit which hosts “immersive academic boot camps at no cost to enlisted veterans at some of America’s top colleges and universities.” WSP set up a week-long boot camp from July 6th-14th where veterans will stay in campus housing and attend courses/lectures in various halls and schools.

What goal(s) does it connect to?

Goal 2: Academic, Professional, and Social Integration
Goal 2.3: Collaboration and Teamwork

Goal 4: Inclusive Values, Symbols, and Spaces
Goal 4.1: Community

Why is it important?

One of the groups defined under the Task Force’s “groups previously excluded” list was veterans: this program opens Harvard to groups who might not otherwise have the opportunity to take advantage of the resources available at the university. Furthermore, it is to Harvard’s advantage to establish partnerships with national organizations which seek equality and justice so that each institution can rely on the other for support and towards common goals.  

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