DEI Syllabus Explorer

The Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning (VPAL) has developed Syllabus Explorer, a tool where users can search and explore syllabi for Harvard courses.

VPAL, in partnership with ODIB, is working on developing “DEI Syllabus Explorer” as a way for users to search based on a curated set of keywords.

When this tool launches, it will allow community members from participating Schools to easily search, filter, and explore the syllabi for diversity, equity, and inclusion related courses. DEI Syllabus Explorer is intended to be used as a starting place with a prepopulated search based on keywords that are selected to surface the best possible content while also minimizing less relevant results.

DEI Syllabus Explorer is currently in development and will launch soon. In the meantime, visit Syllabus Explorer and enter your own search terms or try the prepopulated beta version.

Visit Syllabus Explorer


Visit DEI Syllabus Explorer [beta]