DEIB Personalized Learning

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Project Description

The mission of the DEIB Personalized Learning Project (DPLP) is to provide resources and pathways for all members of Harvard University to develop and grow their DEIB skills and understandings, both during their time at Harvard and beyond. DEIB is essential for the overall quality of learning, living, and work at Harvard- particularly for the experience of community members from underrepresented backgrounds. Over the past few years, DEIB has become a vital part of the mission of Harvard University, the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), and in the broader field of education. While the commitment to DEIB work at Harvard has been on a steep, positive incline, there remains a need to create supports that can help guide community members’ learning and growth.

In order to overcome the challenges of personalized learning and to help advance Harvard's mission, we are seeking to further develop a platform that supports personalized and group learning in DEIB based on interest, need, and readiness. The platform consists of three key components:

1) A self-assessment & reflection diagnostic survey;

2) A curated list of resources and activities based on interest and readiness; and

3) A searchable database of resources.

Along with meeting diverse learners’ needs, the platform will support learning across courses, co-curricular activity, professional development training, and work initiated by individual communities. We envision this platform being used directly by other schools and units across Harvard or serving as a model for those who wish to develop their own. To facilitate uptake across the school we plan to develop a framework for implementing personalized DEIB learning across Harvard and for the field of higher education.

Project Team

Eric Soto-Shed, Gretchen Brion-Meisels, Stefanie Martinez-Fuentes, Samyuktha Natarajan, Janelle Fouché