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Across campus, there are many examples of the community actively pursuing inclusive excellence through our equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts

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    Harvard Libraries: Confronting Anti-Black Racism

    As a memory organization facilitating learning and research, the library, “has a responsibility to document the persisting injustices of our current time, and to surface the stories of the past that are not yet told, all with the hope of a better future." This website curates Harvard research and resources on the history of racism in the United States and its impact on Black communities. The goal is to introduce and explore a continuous knowledge loop of scholarship, library resources, and real-world experiences of Black Americans.

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    NextGen Logo

    Next Gen Initiative

    The Next Gen Initiative utilizes technology to align, consolidate, and enhance institutional support and community building pathways for all Harvard undergraduate and graduate students who are the first in their families to pursue a degree in the U.S and/or are from underresourced or underserved backgrounds.

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    Harvard Library Anti-Racism Book & Film Club

    Join a community discussion of anti-black racism through topics presented in our monthly selection of books and film. Conversations will be facilitated by Harvard graduate student fellows and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Library, Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

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    Anti-Black Racism Book & Film Club

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    Race Research and Policy Portal

    RRAPP is a FREE online resource dedicated to summarizing and promoting research publications on diversity, racial equity and antiracist organizational change in private, public and non-profit firms and entities. Many of RRAPP’s resources highlight academic studies, which are often hidden behind subscription paywalls and are subsequently underutilized. RRAPP helps changemakers learn and find the tools they need.

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    Initiative on Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery

    The presidential initiative on Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery, announced by Harvard President Larry Bacow in November of 2019 and anchored at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, is an effort to understand and address the enduring legacy of slavery within our University community. It is guided by a Presidential Committee, chaired by Radcliffe Dean Tomiko Brown-Nagin, who is also the Daniel P.S. Paul Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School and a professor of history in Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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    HKS DIB digital bookshelf


    The Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Library is a collection of books, films, and other resources selected by the Harvard Kennedy School Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (ODIB) and Library & Knowledge Services (LKS).

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    this is how you say my name screen shot        

    This Is How You Say My Name

    The Culture Lab Innovation fund (CLIF) helped fund a name recording tool that allows the Harvard community to record their name in my.harvard and the Harvard directory.

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    Shield Harvard Business School

    HBS Plan for Racial Equity

    At HBS the Dean, Senior Associate Deans, and senior staff of Harvard Business School—along with the entire community of HBS faculty, staff, students, and alumni—are resolved to take the following actions to promote racial equity on our campus and in the world.

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    Teachly is a web application developed at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) to help faculty teach more effectively and inclusively (more details below). It has now been used by over 100 faculty members at HKS, HGSE and HCSPH. Learn more by visiting the website teachly.me

  • Messages from Leadership

    Larry Bacow

    Inclusion and belonging, in my mind, is partly about building community. It’s about helping people to see themselves as part of Harvard when they look at Harvard. Great institutions find ways of capitalizing on the full range of ideas, experiences, backgrounds, and personalities to create a great community. Ultimately, diversity not only makes Harvard a more interesting place, it enhances the learning environment for everyone.
    Lawrence S. Bacow, President of Harvard University

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    Charleston Headshot

    I am thrilled to see the groundswell of work that already exists at Harvard, and I look forward to synthesizing and integrating the University’s many effective diversity and inclusion efforts into a visible, innovative strategy for enhancing diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and belonging across campus. I fundamentally believe that many of the challenges that we face in higher education relative to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging have answers rooted in applied research. We must work together in the field to find them.
    Sherri Ann Charleston, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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    Shield Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences






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    We are committed to a just Harvard and a just world where all people’s rights and dignity are respected and honored. No one should be harmed or denied an equal opportunity to thrive because of their race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or religion. Our commitment reflects the moral responsibility that everyone owes to one another and recognizes that true excellence and human flourishing are possible only by fully including people of all backgrounds and lived experiences.
    Excerpt from 10.30.20 message from University Leadership

School and Unit-based Resources

Find the right resource around diversity, inclusion, and belonging at specific schools and units.

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