SySTEMatic: Expanding the Reach of Diversity in STEM Programming through Enhanced Mentorship Tech

Project Description
Harvard has several mentorship programs to support diversity for students, faculty, post-docs, and staff in the STEM fields. Three of these programs: HarvardWIT+, WiSTEM, and HGWISE would like to collaborate and implement mentoring software to aggregate the opportunities and streamline administrative efforts, so we can strengthen the impact and expand the reach of these programs toward a cohesive approach in addressing issues around diversity and inclusion in STEM at Harvard.

Project Team

Deidre Schreiber, Senior IT Academy Training Program Manager, CADM/HUIT | Nicole Black, PhD Candidate in Bioengineering, Harvard College Women’s Center Women in STEM (WiSTEM) Mentorship Program Graduate Coordinator| Heidi Wickersham, Director, Harvard College Women’s Center | Donna Tremonte, HKS, IT Service Delivery Lead and Co-Chair of HarvardWIT+ Allies, HKS|Sandy Silk, HUIT, Director of IT Security Education & Consulting, CADM/HUIT | Eliza Rogers, HUIT, HR & Training Staff Assistant | Weilu Shen, PhD Candidate in Applied Physics, STEM Area Resident Tutor at Adams House, SEAS| Valentina Lagomarsino, PhD candidate in Biological Biomedical Sciences and Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (HGWISE) Chair, FAS